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Strategy  •  Naming  •  Visual identity  •  Design Systems  •  Illustration  •  Printables  •  Packaging  •  Editorial Design​​​​​​​

Bronze at Latin America Design Awards - 2021
Shortlist at Latin America Design Awards - 2022
Shortlist at Brasil Design Awards - 2021

Gabi . Brand Strategy & Project Manager
A brazilian-american born in Miami and made in Brasil, hugperson, organization enthusiast and professional art lover. Always up for illustration, bold aesthetics and a little more color in our projects.

Carlos . Graphic Designer
Graphic designer for work and for fun, DIY-person and foodie. Believes in projects with the right balance between concept, strategy and visual aesthetics and is particularly inspired by branding, typography and print design.

Davi . Graphic Designer
An open and cheerful person who would switch this presentation for a call anytime. Our official playlist creator plays the drums, rides some waves when he can and went from advertising to design, currently working part-time at awardwinning Ana Couto Agency.
Quality design is an investment that makes an immediate difference and even more throughout the years. And it brings undeniable returns: it adds value to what you offer, reinforces what makes you stand out and builds identification with your audience.

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